It is offered to your attention Acoustic System (AS) "CIONKEN" design  JENSEN-ONKEN on loudspeakers CIARE professionals series.

    In the AS insert loudspeakers: on LF PW251, on HF PT382.
  the AS has the following Parameters:
    a range of frequencies: 36Hz (-10dB), 48Hz (0).... 20KHz (0), 22KHz  (-3dB).
    (in LF-area parameters settlement).
    If the mode, when pressure hardly less, and LF is required - More low, it is possible to put simply pair of books
      in the central tunnels (reduces on 5Hz a minimum)
    Passport sound pressure of LF
loudspeaker of 97 dB/1W
    the Sizes (width x height x depth in centimeters) 61.2 x 95,2 (c HF) x 35
    Weight of 30 Kg

    (in a living room) more or less authentically it was possible to remove Only about 500 Hz (red - a phase):

    the Sizes of boards and for one AS:
    a lobby (1): 520 x 750
    top (bottom) (2): 612 x 350
    tunnels (2): 271 x 750
    back (1): 580 x  750
    basic (4): 30 x 30 x 287.
    screws-samorezov long 31 - more 200
    HF section: 170 x 300 (a hole in diameter 120 hardly above The center) and the bottom shelf 240 x 200,
  from above  and filters are closed by half of a plastic bucket, self-sticky under color

  the Front view:


  the Side view:


  LF and HF sections are completely independent, in LF there is a coil, in HF - filter high l
  LF loudspeaker it is finished: c an inside suspend diffuser: with By solvent "646" (russian, aceton + ceton) it is removed partially filled in between folds Impregnation in such a manner that resonant frequency as a result would turn out Dynamics 45.
It is necessary to wait days (approximately so much impregnation is restored) and To check up result.
  As a result are received such T/S
  Fs = 45 Hz
  Re = 6.2 Ohms
  Qms = 2.1
  Qes = 0.41
  Qts = 0.343
  Mms/d = 31.8 gr
  Sd = 3.730E-02 m^2
  Vas = 76,6 l
  The rest in factory PDF



  On frequency of section from 2.5 KHz to 4 KHz both dynamics work Simultaneously, but falling down (LF) and accruing (HF) cross on level so, What in Result the total level is not enough variable  (it is connected with smooth recession LF dynamics above 2.5 and undesirability of work with full level on Frequencies more low 3 at HF dynamics.
As a result equal sounding in "a problem zone" as has turned out at Measurement, and listening of a various material.

  For manufacturing the AS are used laminated boards from MDF 16, as the most widespread material.
  the Forward wall is strengthened in the bottom part around, cut out of this Panels (a hole under , it is necessary and to cut at once a carving under screws Fastenings of LF dynamics), the back wall is strengthened vertically fastened To it . And  Internal walls are covered warmed (except tunnels and Input in them), to boards.
  Between a forward and back wall a rejka-coupler.
  in side connections are executed with use section 2020 from Firm breeds of a tree.
To collect better in a following order:
  In the beginning to collect from external boards a frame, then to fasten for installation of a back wall (on all lateral walls, and Width of top-bottom, on distance 16 from edge of the back party the AS.
  After to lateral walls from within to fasten bruski-support screws.
  to Attach to the vertical party (one) each boards-walls Tunnel , it is equal on board edge, and on short not top and a bottom This board (what to top and and a box bottom it).
  Further to (as from within)   the internal are fastened Boards (tunnel wall), maintaining distance from their edge to 16 to fasten narrow edges to top and a box bottom, then to fasten on top and a box bottom, as on distance 16 from Forward part the AS.
  Now it is possible to establish the forward panel (to watch what villages Exactly) and to fasten from within to below, above and on walls Tunnels.
  All joints a rejka-board at first to spill glue (it is convenient in Tubes),   after drying they be to miss the mark places where it is possible Small   - plasticine, or other elastic hermetic.
  While glue dries - in a back wall we drill holes, on distance 10 from edge, with step ~63 at lateral edges,
And 57 - the top-bottom, under screws-samorezy, all turns out 11 on everyone To vertical edge and on 9 on a bottom and top
  It is possible now (glue and carnations) internal Walls (and back) to establish on the forward panel a rejku-coupler (it is long It 316), and LF .
  On the back party of all to which will be pressing back The board to apply a thin film plasticine, or other non-drying hermetic
  Now to solder a wire to dynamics, mounting it to to To rejke-extension and to solder to the terminal that is established on a back wall.
    we Put a back wall into place and at first on corners, then on To circle, we press it to screws-samorezami
    HF the section is simple also special attention does not demand, The basic cable - under
is connected to the terminal by "bananas", and

The Sound rather strong, beag'gest, very much differs from sounding "standart - house" the AS.
  Well various music on style - Malinin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Oscar Benton, Simon and Garfunkel, etc.

  the Literature (it is detailed about this type of registration):

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