cd-rom and its support


Check up your drive CD-ROM on speed
Check up files on your disk on good read
Check up a surface of a disk and mechanics of a drive
Opinions FIDO-user on any cd-rom (rus) cd-quest.rar (57k)

CD rippers

rippers and player for your drive (dos)
rippers for "bad" cd such as "samsung" or "lg" (dos) (6k)
rippers (dos), on "funai" x8 grab on x8 without mistakes (under ос2 as) (67k)
rippers (os/2)
rippers (os/2) (76k)
coding in mp3 with VBR (os2) (112K)

The driver

Universal DOS the driver

Emulators CD-ROM

If program very(very much) wants to work with сд, and you it would not be 
desirable it on hdd, for example, Is, palm off on it these 
emulators cd:,
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