Connection of the TV set to vga/svga to a card


The difficulty of connection vga of a videocard to the TV set is, that
Frequency of lower case development(display) of the TV set makes 15 KHz, and VGA card - from
31 KHz and is higher.
Translation of development(display) of the TV set up to 31 KHz practically is unreal, because of
The large inductance coil and excessive parasitic capacity SPLIT.

To decide(solve) this problem it is possible by two ways:
By installation of the specialized videocards having an output(exit) on the TV set,
Or with helping of drivers to force to work a videocard in a mode 15 KHz.
Driver is desirable to pick up that has lot of modes with
By the given videocard.
For example, with driver TV1. EXE and card CL54xx, is possible to receive up to
800x600x256 (I).

The driver are here here here
And here description of a socket such as SCART, frequently established in TV is given

Now about completion of the TV set. Is desirable to bear(take out) in convenient place (better in front) regulator of the size on Verticals, as the size will be change from modes, and it is necessary to keep and Mode of viewing of the programs. The connection of colours (RGB) is similar to connection "ZX Spectrum". And for connection of synchronization it is necessary connect this circuit first IC - 74ls86 (pin6 - vertical out) , second - 74ls74, next - 74ls123 (change pin4 or 13 - model tv(inversion or no for horisontal sinhronization)) diod zennera - 5,6V swicher - work with, or without, resident driver programm At work with the driver the signal passes through 555LP5 (74ls86) directly on a microcircuit Lower case generator, and at work without him(it) (for example, when been in BIOS- or program can not correctly work with this resident) - through Divider on 2 and one-vibrator. With help of the tuning resistor is possible to establish "narrow" picture on The centre of the screen.